Lipreading…Easy? (reblogged from the ASL Deafined Blog)

I found this interesting read on the ASL Deafined Blog. It expresses the difficulties presented for those who must lipread a conversation. Please take the time to read and share your comments. Lipreading...Easy? | ASL Deafined BlogASL Deafined Blog. Related articles Lipreading...Easy? ( Commonplace #3: ASL will make my child look abnormal and will not … Continue reading Lipreading…Easy? (reblogged from the ASL Deafined Blog)


Different Country Sign Language

I've always been fascinated with different country languages.  One summer, I went to England for a mission trip.  Through one church, I met a deaf Britian guy.  I was so excited to have a chance to talk to a deaf person from a different country, but I could not understand him.  He was using BSL … Continue reading Different Country Sign Language