Sh*t, Oops!

I have learned how to vocally talk since I was about 4-6 years old.  I took speech therapy till my third year in college. I thank the speech teachers who have taught me how to talk, even though, I didn't like taking the classes.  My point is that sometimes I mispronounce words.  I say the words … Continue reading Sh*t, Oops!


Phone Calls, Interpreted

Yes, we Deafies have a way to talk on the phone. Several options exist to aid deaf/hard of hearing individuals to communicate with the hearing world over the phone. One of the oldest and most common methods is a relatively simple device is called a TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf), also known as a … Continue reading Phone Calls, Interpreted


The first day of class, I taught about different deaf cultures, deaf etiquette, different sign languages, and some introductions in sign language.  Its important to know how to communicate with the deaf and how we talk without misunderstanding.  Its really screwed when anyone is misunderstood, especially the deaf. We think almost different from how you think. … Continue reading Mis-communication