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Lipreading…Easy? (reblogged from the ASL Deafined Blog)

I found this interesting read on the ASL Deafined Blog. It expresses the difficulties presented for those who must lipread a conversation. Please take the time to read and share your comments. Lipreading...Easy? | ASL Deafined BlogASL Deafined Blog. Related articles Lipreading...Easy? (john9blog.wordpress.com) Commonplace #3: ASL will make my child look abnormal and will not … Continue reading Lipreading…Easy? (reblogged from the ASL Deafined Blog)

Here is an excellent post that exemplifies the importance of clear communication in relationships.

Teachers and students at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing sat together in circles, waving their hands in the air like frenzied birds. Using sign language, teenagers interrupted adults and talked over one another to ask questions and blurt out answers.

Alzate-Medina was 15, and after a childhood of silence at school and at home in Colombia, Horace Mann was the first place he had been where kids like him could express themselves and be understood.

“I didn’t know what any of the signs meant,’’ Alzate-Medina said in American Sign Language a few weeks ago. “But teachers showed me pictures that went along with signs, and then I learned vocabulary, and then I started to string things together.’’

Alzate-Medina, now 22, is one of a handful of students to have graduated from a two-year-old program at the Horace Mann School, one of the first in…

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The first day of class, I taught about different deaf cultures, deaf etiquette, different sign languages, and some introductions in sign language.  Its important to know how to communicate with the deaf and how we talk without misunderstanding.  Its really screwed when anyone is misunderstood, especially the deaf. We think almost different from how you think. … Continue reading Mis-communication

Sign Language Class Recap – 3/6/12 Food Signs

Beginner Sign Language I Last night's lesson was about food signs.  Participants had a good time learning signs for different foods, restaurants, and kitchenware.  Everyone enjoyed using my daughter's foods and silverware from her play kitchen.  Here is a list of some of the signs that were taught (see lifeprint.com for demonstrations): Kitchen/Cook Bake/Oven Microwave Plate/Bowl/Silverware Dirty/Clean Great/Awful Delicious/Disgusting … Continue reading Sign Language Class Recap – 3/6/12 Food Signs