My ASL I Curriculum

On this page you will find my assortment of materials and videos that I am either currently using or have used for teaching Sign Language. These lessons are intended for students with little or no previous ASL experience or knowledge

I personally like this CHS/ASL YouTube ASL teaching the most.  He describes a lot of things about ASL to help you understand about the language.  Please watch his videos as much as you can according to the lesson subjects.  He also explained the ASL grammar, expressions, body languages, hand shapes, and some history.

I have put some links and media on this page on different lessons.  Baby yellow is Vocabulary list, Baby pink is all videos, Lavender is extra information and rules, and Mint green is practice signing.  The project sheets are in yellow.  PowerPoint from class made into PDF is in Baby Blue.

Lesson 1- Introduction

Lesson 2 – Fingerspelling

Lesson 3 & 4- Family (Close Relatives/Distant Relatives)

Lesson 5 & 6 – Father Time

Lesson 7 – Nature

Lesson 8 – Place

Lesson 9 – Action

Lesson 10 – Emotions


Lesson 11 – Colors & Clothes

Lesson 12 – Breakfast

Lesson 13 – Lunch

Lesson 14 – Dinner

  • Vocabulary List:  Dinner
  • Signing Videos: Look above

Lesson 15 – Pets

  • Vocabulary List:  Pets
  • Signing Videos:  ASL 112 Lesson (please watch to see if you understand)

Lesson 16 – Zoo

Lesson 17 – Home (General)

Lesson 18 – Home (Details)

Lesson 19 – Sports

  • Vocabulary List:  Sports
  • Signing Videos:

Lesson 20 – Emergency Room (ER)

Lesson 21 – School

  • Vocabulary List:  School
  • ASL Videos: 

Lesson 22 – Travel

  • Vocabulary List:  Travel 
  • ASL Videos:


ASL Grammar Rules

Extra Information:

Famous Deaf Project

 100 Signs Review


ASL Resources

Deaf Etiquette