Current Class Offerings

ASL Conversations

This 14 week session will be on Thursday nights beginning January 5, 2017.  Classes will be held at, Eastway Church of God, on Eastway Drive, in Charlotte, NC.  Classes will start promptly at 7:00pm and end at 8:00pm.  This class is offered free of charge, but class size is limited and will be closed after the first 3 weeks of class so please make an effort to attend the first 3 weeks. 10 years old and up are welcome.  This class requires that you know ABC, numbers, Family, and calendar signs before you can attend.  We will practice conversing in ASL while learning about the Deaf culture.  Please contact me to register, limited spaces.

Please feel free to contact me.

Please go to Here to Sign Up!

Advanced ASL

For ASL 2 or students with some ASL experience, we will meet at the Panera Bread at Arborteum Shopping center on Matthews-Pineville Rd.  Meet-ups happen monthly on every 2nd and 4th Monday at 6:30 pm.

 Family ASL

ASL Families

If you want a class, I will need at least 3-5 families to have a class.  If interested, please contact me.

This is a class offering for the whole family to come and learn how to sign ASL.  This is for parents or caretakers who want to learn ASL to be able to communicate with their child(ren).  Siblings and related are welcome to join to learn together as a family.  I will be teaching the children for the first 30 minutes of 12 vocabulary signs with many review of variety activities to help remember the signs.  The next 30 min, the children will go to the gym to play together while I will teach the adult on the depth of the lesson and understanding the Deaf culture.  The discussion will be open for any questions on how to raise a Deaf child.  Children age 5 and up are welcome with parent/caretakers.  There are limit space, due to being able to teach active children.  Adults without children may join, just be aware that the kids will learn during the first 30 minutes.  When you sign up, please sign up as a family and put names in the commend box.

Cost:  FREE!!

ASL Home School ClassesHomeschool-Logo

If you are interest in having a homeschool class and have at least 5 students, please contact me.

ASL 1 will learn basics of ASL, Alphabet, handshapes, Numbers, Family, Calendar, understanding Deaf Culture, different chances to use ASL in the Deaf
community, and more.

ASL 2 is for the students who have taken ASL 1 or knows a lot of basic signing like above. If you have not taken my ASL 1, but have taken it from somewhere else.  Please contact me.  We will meet and discuss via ASL to see which class best benefits you.

$10 per student per week (up to 8-12 weeks (1 hour per week)).  Pay up front to take class.

 (If need payment plans, please contact me.)