Worship songs in ASL

I love to worship.  I could sense His presence every time I worship from my heart.  A lot of people want to learn how to sign ASL in worship.  So, here are a few examples below.  Mainly, you sign the pictures of the meaning of the song.  Sign what the song means, make an image like a drawing or mime, and sign from the heart.


Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Mighty To Save (If you want to learn how to sign, this is easy song to learn)

Just follow your heart that God tells you to sign and use it.  Be sure to put your emotions in your signing to let the deaf know that you mean it when you worship.  Don’t be shy, use all of you body language, hands, expressions, and His inspiration to reach out.  When you give your heart, He is faithful to complete His work in you (through your signing).


5 thoughts on “Worship songs in ASL

  1. Thanks for sharing those, Tamara. Michele and I really enjoyed watching them and felt that it helped us better understand signing during singing worship songs.

  2. Thank you. Very beautiful expressions. I have always admired signing for worship songs. We don’t have deaf people in our little town, but my Sunday School curriculum is having me teach ASL for some words of the kids’ songs. It has been fun.

  3. Hi there, My name is La’Cher and I live and Worship in New York. I have always loved languages and have learned a little of many. God has since then focused my attention on Spanish and American Sign Language for now. My 8 yr old niece is scheduled to have surgery in her left ear in November leaving her deaf in that ear. It has been of even greater interest to learn ASL for Worship in particular because we fellowship together in Church and it opens a wonderful opportunity for us to grow together in our relationship, in our knowledge of sign language and our expression of Love to Our Father!
    Thank you so much for your inspiration in this way. Gods Love for us connects us, no matter what color or nationality or our inabilities.

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